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KEA101 AI Chip

KEA101 series chip, built-in AI intelligent learning engine (Machine Learning)

l   Multi-module functionality allows developers more choices.

l   KEA101 AI smart chip enables customers to quickly customize integrated smart electronic lock system.

l   According to the mutual cooperation of different modules, more smart lock terminal products are produced.


u Data Analysis: When the user changes the unlocking habit, the learning engine is activated in the chip to determine if the user identity is correct. If data analysis is correct, user login habits will be automatically added without background personnel management.

u Active learning: the user behavior modeling after data analysis is put into the engine unit, the chip will track the user's habits at any time, issue necessary notifications through the external unit controlled by the wafer, and optimize the user's on-chip memory program.

u Reinforcement learning: When the training data is placed on the intelligent engine, the chip will follow the user's habits, and with the control of the external chip, expand the function. For example, the KEA108 series with the Internet and Zigbee can communicate with Xiaomi family products or external networks.


l   KEA101 AI Smart IC Applied to:

u Applied to intelligent electronic lock

u Applied to face recognition (FACE ID)

1       Applied to access control

2       Applied to human face monitoring in public space

3       Applies to specific expression judgments such as smile, sadness, eye fatigue detection

4       Pet's differential detection

u Applied to medical image analysis, per-neoplastic identification

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